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Russian & Ukrainian Women vs. American & Western European Women

Slavic Girls vs. Western Females. Feel the Difference. 6 Main Aspects to Consider

Foreign men know that Slavic women differ from European and American ladies. It is worth speaking about them in details to understand the reasons of this dissimilarity.

Attitude to Family and Childbirth1. Attitude to Family and Childbirth

Unfortunately, ladies living in European countries and America have other values than the Russian and Ukrainian. As a rule, a woman from America wants to build a career, spend more time on herself, entertain, have a plenty of lovers and live a full live without any limitations. She thinks of herself only. When she turns 30, she begins to look for a single man to create a family and perhaps give birth to a child. Perhaps, because a great many of modern western ladies don’t want to spend much time on bringing up children and taking care about home they get used to be egoistic and ambitious.

A Russian or Ukrainian lady has always been a domestic goddess and this concept implies not only household care. Family is the highest value for her. Weakness and cowardice will never take precedence over this woman. She is a mother, a wife, and can be both a companion and reliable support for her husband. She adores children and never thinks that they can become an obstacle to get a better job.

European ladies usually employ nurses and governesses to get more time for leisure. Slavic ladies bring up children without the help of extraneous people.

2. Fidelity - the Best Wife's PolicyFidelity - the Best Wife's Policy

It is a well-known fact that European ladies can have both a husband and a lover. Unfortunately, it is a common situation in many countries and even is considered to be normal. Therefore, so many men from the USA and Europe look for faithful slavic women. According to the statistics, ladies from Eastern Europe get married once, maximum twice during their life time. It is a good index, you should agree. What about American and European women, they can change husbands like gloves.

Healthy Way of Life3. Healthy Way of Life

Slavic women look great at any age. They are amazing at 20, beautiful at 40, nice at 50 and charming at 60. The reason is that they go in for sports, take care of their appearance, skin, hair and body and pay much attention to the menu. They avoid fast food and unwholesome dishes that can be bought in quick restaurants. It is your advantage too as you will always eat only healthy food and will do some exercises to look great next to your wife.

4. My Husband is My Soul MateMy Husband is My Soul Mate

You may have noticed that American and European ladies look for rich husbands and appreciate money even more than human characteristics. You will be pleased to know that Slavic girls pay much attention to the inner world of their partners. They look for men for mutual understanding, genuine love and long-lasting relationships. Most of them don’t think that prosperity is the main condition of the family and true love. They know that the priciest things cannot be bought for money.

My House - My Fortress5. My House - My Fortress

If you marry a Russian woman or Ukrainian girl, you will see how your house will change. It will turn into Lares and Penates. Tasty food, cleanliness, comfort and atmosphere of sweet home are guaranteed. Do you know what great cooks Slavic women are? They can amaze you with their national foods and cook really delicious masterpieces. You will forget about hamburgers, you will run home after work to enjoy homemade yummies.

6. Money & EconomyMoney & Economy

Women living in the USA and European countries adore luxury life: expensive cars, fashionable dresses, jewelry, costly SPA, chic restaurants. They try to be like popular movie and pop stars and spend much money on this way of life. Therefore, it isn’t a wonder that they look for a rich sponsor, but not a husband. Of course, you don’t want to marry such women. Slavic ladies are economic. They first of all think about children and husband. Do they have good clothes? Are they full? She spends money on herself if she is sure that it will not damage the family budget.

Russian & Ukrainian Girls - Are There any Differences?

Good Slavic WomanFrankly speaking, Russian and Ukrainian girls don’t differ much. There can be some dissimilarity in temper. Ladies from Ukraine often have a hot temper and are sharp-tongued. Russian women are calmer and more obedient. Anyway, you can get acquainted with both Russian and Ukrainian girls and see that they are equally perfect.